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E-mail analytics




TEO Analytics ‘Email Tab’ includes Email related statistics:



KPIs included

Remember to select Campaign first from ‘Select Campaign’ drop-down and then specify the time period – using the Start and End dates.



1. All Stats– It shows Total Opened, Clicked, Failed & Bounced stats for your selected campaign distributed via an Email.

2. Email Distribution– it shows the Total Opened, Clicked, Failed and Bounced stats for a selected campaign distributed via Email.

3. Compare Stats– here you can compare all the Stats available for two different campaigns which have been distributed via Email.

4. Compare Recipient Stats– It shows the comparison of receipient activity recorded over two different campaigns which are distributed via email. (stats shown are – Total clicked, Opened, Sent, Delivered and Bounced)

5. Opened By Days– It shows the Total Emails Opened in numbers as well as in Percentage for a particular campaign over a specified time period.




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