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How to create a web form ( survey, opt-in, registration)?



Welcome to TargetEveryone’s Web Template user interface to create and manage different types of web forms like survey, opt-in form, registration form, subscription form etc 



1. How to create a web form?

Step – 1

Open your account settings and click on the ‘Template Settings’ option.


Step – 2

Open up the ‘Web Templates’ panel.


Step – 3

Start creating your web forms by adding all required fields & details. Finally, save your web form.

  •  Add the form fields -  simply click on the form field name to add in your web form and enter its related details.
    • Adding the email field:


    • Altering the email field label name and details


  • Save it - As all fields required are added save your form.



2. Altering the saved web forms

Simply click on the ‘EDIT SAVED FORMS’tab.



Click on the black ‘Edit’button against the web form you wanted to edit.



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